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ART for The World is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information, founded in Geneva in 1996 and based in Geneva and in Italy with a large network of collaborators and partner institutions in various continents. Its sister association, ART for The World Europa, was created in 2005 in Turin.

ART for the World is inspired by the article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which proclaims creative activity as an essential part of people’s well-being, and the necessity of respect for pluralism and variety in any kind of creative expression.

ART for The World supervised and coordinated the production of each short film with pre-approved scripts, following time-frame and budget requirements, ensuring delivery to the highest technical and quality industry standards.


The movies were shot in eleven countries and in various regions around the world. They will be released in October 2019. They exist as single short movies in their original language and are also presented altogether in a long feature film, subtitled in English, French and Italian.


The films will be distributed both as individual short films, as well as in the form of one-feature film following a graded strategy. After initially touring selected film festivals and dedicated events under the aegis of the United Nations, wi- der distribution will be through national and international broadcasters as well as via social media, the internet, etc. Exploiting its existing distribution network, ART for The World intends to make the films accessible to the widest possible audience globally.

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