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A Sunny Day



Under the impacts of a changing climate, the world changes, it has already changed. In a distant and near future, both fantastic and absurd, men and wo- men survive as they can. Following a man, a slender figure between Tati and Buster Keaton, we discover through scenes of his daily life how devastating the effects of climate change are on humans and nature.

How do we barricade against excessive heat or cold?
How will it be to go to a supermarket, or a zoo filled with different animals and species?
A disturbing and hilarious ride in the future, that is already our present.


Born in Menkès, Morocco, in 1967. He lives and works in Casablanca and Paris. After working in the theatre as a director and actor, he directed his first short film, «La Falaise», in 1998, which won several awards at French and International Festivals. In 2003, his first feature film «Mille Mois» won two awards at the Cannes Film Festival for A Certain Regard. He has also worked as an actor with Jaques Audiard, André Techiné, Daoud Aou- lad Sayed, Bertrand Bonello or Nadir Mocknech. His new film «Volubilis», was present at the Venice Film Festival 2017 and winner of the National Film Award in Tangier 2018 including best film, best actress and actor.

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