Film Festivals 2020 - 2021

14thKirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival, Pune, India 

January 4

Let’s Talk About Water Festival, Canada  

From June 25 on tour in several universities in the country

31th São Paulo International Short Film Festival

Selection of TUA INGUGU by DANIELA THOMAS, Brazil and Winner of the Best Brazilian Short movie 2020)

August 20-30

Nordisk Panorama, Malmö SWEDEN


Sept. 17-22

Vienna INDEPENDENT Film Festival VIFF

Selection of KINGDOM by BETTINA OBERLI, Switzerland and Winner of the best direction for Bettina Oberli and the best actress for Emilie Beecham

October 1-4

PEFF 2020 - International Environmental Film Festival of Patagonia,

Puerto Madryn, Argentina

October 1-5

28th Curtas Vila do Conde - International Film Festival

Selection of Extraction :The Raft of the Medusa by Salome Lamas, Portugal

October 1-5

Sguardi altrove film festival, Milan

Focus on women and human rights

October 23-30 

Golden Apricot International Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia

November 17-18

European film festival, India

Organised by the e.u. on Festival Scope

November 5 - 30

Cambridge Film Festival, bath film festival, brighton & cornwall film festival, United Kingdom

Collectively present on line to there audience and nationalwide

November 6-22

Cagliari Film Festival, Italy

November 6-8

Invitations postponed in 2021. Dates tbc:

IFFSA South Asian Film Festival, Toronto

ShortTS International Film Festival, Trieste

Habitat International Film Festival, New Dehli

Festival del Cinema Africano d'Asia e America Latina, Milan 

TV Distribution 2020 -2021


Various European Broadcasting started in February:

BNT Bulgaria - NRT Croatia - CTV Czech Republic - Yie Finland -RTE Ireland - RAI 3 Italy - LTV Latvia - PBS  Malta - TPV Poland 

RTVE Spain - RTSH Albania - BHRT Bosnia Herz. - CPB Georgia

RTK Kosovo - TRM Moldova - MKRTV North Macedonia - UA:PBC Ukraine


Online from February 16

TAL (Televisión América Latina) 

Various South American Spanish speaking countries on April 23 at 3pm:

ARGENTINA: Abra TV, SRT, Canal Encuentro, UNLP 

COLOMBIA: Señal Colombia, Canal Capital, Teleantioquia, Teleislas

COSTA RICA: Canal 13


MEXICO: SPR Canal 14, Canal 22, UAATV, Canal 26 Aguascalientes, SIZART, Mexiquense, TV Querétaro, TV4 Guanajuato, 

Chiapas, Jalisco TV, Ibero TV, Canal del Congreso, Telemax México, Tlaxcala Televisión, Canal 28 Monterrey,

Instituto Morelense de Radio y Televisión, Canal 17 Cohuahila

NICARAGUA: Cinemateca Nacional


URUGUAY: TNordisk Panorama, Malmö Sept. 17-22, 2020 SWEDENV Ciudad


Various African Broadcasting starting in June:

From Egypt to South Africa: TvSat Africa 23 / Canal+ 43 / Startimes 171/ Orange Africa /Space Multimedia

VoxAfrica Europe: Free 475 /Sfr Neufbox 862 / TV d’Orange 589 / BBox 701 / Darty Box 650

VoxAfrica UK: Sky 219/Freeview 271]


Various Asian Broadcasting starting in July:

MONGOLIA : by Star TV on July 4th, 2020 at 9.30 pm (Saturday) and repeated on July 5th at 5.20 pm.

Special Events 2020 -2021

Screening at the presentation of "Ca'Mon", the Community Centre for Art and Crafts in Monno in Valle Camonica, Monno - Brescia

January 18

Latino America Première at CINESESC Sao Paulo, Brazil

15 of Feburary

UN Cinema Stockholm, Sweden

February 18

Ecole Internationale, Centre des Arts, Geneva

February 24

Conscious Cultural Design Fair, Bikaner House, New Dehli

February 29 to March 1

European Commission – European Development Days 2020 in partnership with the Goethe Institute, the Institut français and Cineeuropa, Brussels

June 9-10

Greece  Première in partnership with the Museum of Historical Archives and the CineClub, Open Air Cinema, Hydra Island

August 8 – 9

European Commission – European Development Days 2020 in partnership with the Goethe Institute, the Institut français and Cineeuropa, Brussels

Broadcasting in Gabon by the public television Gabon24



organized by the Centesimus Annus Pro Pontefice Foundation

October 9 

Invitations postponed in 2021.

WFD - 9th World Forum for Democracy organised by the Council of Europe screening and debates, Strasbourg


Dates in 2021 tbc:​

Palazzo Trevisan, Swiss Consulate, Venice

Casa Des Cinema, (S. Croce 1990), Venice

Centro Candiani (Piazzale Candiani 7), Venice-Mestre

Casa Des Cinema, (S. Croce 1990), Venice

Palazzo Te/Municipaliy of Mantova , Italy

Education with Q+A and workshops 2020 -2021

Screening and Q+A for the students of International School/Ecolint, Geneva

February 24

Department of Education, Culture and Sport of the Canton of  the Canton of Ticino
March-April to December

Sguardi altrove film festival, school screening, Milan

November 30

Invitations postponed in 2021.Dates tbc:​

Webster University, Bellevue, Geneva

University of IUAV, Venice

Screening for the schools of Milan during the Festival of Cinema Africano, Asia e America Latina, Milan

University Bocconi, Milan

Screening for the schools, Mantova

British School, Rio De Janeiro



Film Festivals 2019

World Premiere at the Rome Film Festival, Rome

22 of October 2019

Screening at the Festival of Cinema of Human Rights, Naples 

20 of November 2019

Asia Premiere at the 50th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), GOA

21 of November 2019

Screening at the Festival Castellinaria, Bellinzona (TI)

22 of November 2019

Screening of Tuã Ingugu of Daniela Thomas

at Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival at Cine Odeon 

11 of December 2019

Events 2019

Screening at MAXXI Museum of Rome, Rome

23 of October 2019

Milan Premiere at Anteo Palazzo del Cinema, Milan

5 of November 2019

Screening of Tuã Ingugu of Daniela Thomas

at Curta-Cinema International Short Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro

5 of November 2019 (screening with Q&A)

Swiss Premiere at The Graduate Institute, Maison de la Paix, Geneva

13 of November 2019

Forum di Forestazione WFUF Milano Calling 2019, La Triennale di Milano

22 of November 2019

Screening at the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP25),

at IPCC-WMO Science Pavilion, Madrid, Spain

12 of December 2019 at 3.30pm - 5pm and 13 of December 2019 at 11.45am - 13.15pm 

Screening of  Lac of Mahamat-Saleh Haroun at the 25th session of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP25), AT AICS-Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo's Pavillion, Madrid, Spain  

1-13 of December 2019

Public Screenings at the Cinema della Compagnia in Florence

15, 17, 19, 20, 23, 24 of December 2019

TV and Radio

TV2000 - Il mondo insieme, Sunday December 8, 2019

TG5 - Edition of 8pm, Tuesday  October 22, 2019

TG3 - Edition of 7pm, Tuesday October 22, 2019

RAI - Official TV Call of INTERDEPENDENCETuesday October 22, 2019

Radio Cusano Campus "Interdependence". Il cinema interviene per sensibilizzare sul cambiamento climatico.



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