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Olmo, eighty years old, looks out of the window of a building in the suburban area of a city. His eight year old grandson Giulio is reading him an article from the newspaper about melting glaciers, the greenhouse effect, methane and CO2... «What is C-O-2?» asks the child. « Do you remember the carbon dioxide we studied?» says Grandpa. «The one the trees breathe?» asks Giulio. The day after, they’re leaving for a short tour instead of going to school, searching for an old tree.


Silvio Soldini was born in 1958 in Milan where he lives and works. Writer and director, well known for his very successful film «Pane e tulipani» winner in 2000 of the David di Donatello and of the Nastri d’Argento.
In 2002, with «Brucio nel vento» he won the David di Donatello. In 2007, Margherita Buy whom played in his «Days and Clouds» received the David di Donatello for the best actress. His more recent film « Il colore nascosto delle cose » presented out of competition at the Venice Film Festival in 2017, was nominated for the David di Donatello and the Golden Globe.

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